Policy / Overview
Quality System Reference

Floor Area

436,000 sq. ft. -
M Site

640,000 sq. ft. -
S Site

600,000 sq. ft. -


Class 10k Frontline Assembly

Class 100k Backend Assembly

Temperature, RH, Particle Count and ESD-Controlled

Production Support

24-hour Security Surveillance

Calibration Laboratory

Centralized Air-Conditioning

Cold Storage

Communication System (Tel/Fax/Email)

DI Water System

Emergency Power Generators

IIMEC (Integrated Information for Manufacturing Excellence at Carsem)

Failure Analysis/Reliability Laboratory

Fire Protection and Alarm System

Liquid and Gas Nitrogen

Oil-Free Air Compressors

Tool and Die Machine Shop

Waste Treatment Plant


Two 12 hour Shifts for 24 hour Operation

Reliability Lab Facilities :
  • Autoclave-JEDEC A102
  • Board Level Temperature Cycling for Solder Joint Integrity Check
  • HAST
  • High Temperature Storage - JEDEC A103
  • Infra-Red Reflow Oven
  • Temperature/Humidity Chamber for Moisture Sensitivity Testing
  • Thermal Shock Chamber (LIQUID) - MIL-STD-1011 -

    (Available in M-Site and S-Site ONLY)

  • Temperature Cycle Chamber (AIR) - MIL-STD-883,1010

Failure Analysis Lab Facilities :
  • Grinder/Polisher/Low Speed Saw
  • Jet Etchers(Chemical Decapsulation)
  • Microprobing Station -

    (Available in M-Site and S-Site ONLY)

  • Metallurgical Microscopes
  • Scanning Electron Microscope & EDX
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscope
  • Stereomicroscope/High Power Microscope