FCOL™ : Flip Chip on Leadframe

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Carsem's patented FCOL (Flip Chip On Leadframe) is the process of flipping a bumped die onto a lead frame and then molding it using standard plastic package assembly processes. FCOL™ is available in standard packages such as MLP, SOT23, SC70, TSOT, QSOP and narrow body SOICs.
Features :
  • Same package with up to 4X larger die
  • MSL Level 1*
  • 60% improvement in self-inductance and capacitance
  • 15% lower thermal resistance
  • 30x reduction in resistance vs wire bond
  • Withstands 260°C solder shock test
  • Ability to final test including RF
* Depending on body size
Applications :
There are a wide range of applications for FCOL and some examples are :
  • Wireless Devices
  • Power Management Devices
  • High-speed Network Devices
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