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Why Carsem
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We are constantly on the lookout for suitable qualified professionals to take up the following career opportunities and be part of the team that drives a culture which values people, constantly focuses on productivity improvement and delivers results.

ALL POSTS ARE BASED IN IPOH, PERAK, a countryside living within a city
1) Process Engineers - Min 3 years experience in semiconductor assembly environment is required. Familiar with MLP (punched and sawn version), power packages and miniture packages.

FOL Engineers
  • Familiar with WB:ASM Eagle 60AP, Esec 3006, 3008, DA: Esec 2007, Alphasem, Saw: Disco 641.
  • In depth process skills on FOL m/c models, lead frame materials and design, gold wire and DA epoxy material/functions and its properties.
  • Supports tool design like WB capillary, DA collect & Cu wire bonding.

EOL Engineers
  • Familiar with mold: ASM, ASA, TnF, GPM. In depth process skills on molding, dedam/dejunk & form / singulation processes, good mechanical, material process knowledge, autocad, mold cpd characteristics and tooling knowledge.

2) Test Dev Engineer - Min 3 years experience in RF products to be put on Aemulus tester.
  • Create RFID test program solution.
  • Knowledge of Teradyne Flex/Catalyst, Fusion CX, Eagle ETS 364, Credence ASL1000 test systems preferred.
  • Knowledge of stats technique for yield analysis, enhancement and test engineering support skills.

3) Test Product Engineers - Min 3 years experience in a semiconductor test environment. Good analytical and leadership skills.
  • Liaise with customers on new prod developments, special engineering builds and cust's complaints.
  • Provide test analysis for new products development and on machine capabilities studies.
  • Resolve issues related to ackage marking, packing bar coding and tape / reel operations.
  • Ensure test processes and program verifications meet to customers' specification and requirement.

4) Test Maintenance Engineers - Min 3 years experience in a semiconductor test environment.
  • Experience in troubleshooting, setup, installation, relocation, commissioning of auto test handlers.
  • Drive technical projects, review daily equipment performance & keep machines running efficiently with minimum impact to production output & quality.

5) MF Engineers (Backgrind)
  • Experience on process improvement at Backgrind.
  • Provide qualification,evaluation and start up of 12" wafer.
  • Experience in wafer related process & strong analytical skills.

6) Facility Engineer - Min 3 years experience in smooth operation and maintenance of HVAC, Cleanroom, Gases supply, coldroom and project facilitator.
  • Task include PM planning, systems improvement and overseeing

7) CTC Development Engineers - Min 5 years experience.
  • Well versed in NPI, DFM, SPC tools and on project management.
  • Participate in design rules, design of manufacturing, feasibility studies, root cause and solution analysis and NPI for all the process/package engineering development activities with regards to SIP packages.
  • Perform yield improvements, mechanical tolerance analysis and design analysis thru the use of FMEA simulation and SPC to ensure designs are optomised for manufacturability with minimum cost.

8) CTC Senior/Staff Engineers - Min. 5 years hands experience on organic substrate based packages (SSBGA/SSLGA) with good equipment knowledge in SIP/SMT is required.
  • Hands on experience in one or more of the processes:- WB, DA, screen printing, component attach, flipchip, mold or substrate singulation.
  • Perform actively on yield improvement, mechnical improvement analysis & design.
  • Analysis through the use of FMEA simulation and SPC. Establish methods and design guidelines for recurring design problems, both historical and perceived.
  • Train all new engineers.

9) IT Software Engineers - Min. 3 years working experience on system developemtns including programing in a semicondutor assembly or test environment.
  • Familiar with SQL server, VB.NET, ASP.NET & Windows OS NT2000/2003.
  • Software project management skills in ERP, MES or other large s/ware projects is required.
  • Conduct system study of new systems, enchancement and produce specs for inhouse or outsource development.
  • Test and release s/ware application c/w system and user documents manual.

10) IE Engineer - Min. 3 years working experience in a similar semiconductor assembly environment.
  • Establish capacity planning and productivity model database.
  • Conduct time and motion study to improve work methods.
  • Prepapre and conduct improvement study on plant layout plans, machines layout and work station layout.

11) Technical Program Engineer - Min. 3 years working experience on new test methodologies or customized solution.
  • Handle RFQ on test & WLCSP projects inclusive of RFQ costing.

Min. 2 years working experience in a semiconductor assembly or test environment is required.
12) Production Shift Supervisor/Superintendent
13) Process Technician
14) Maintenance Technician
15) Test Technician

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