SiP : System in Package

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SiP :
Carsem's SiP(System in Package) is the advanced technology of placing multiple ICs and passive components into a single package. Our services include design, modeling as well as final test including RF testing of Bluetooth and WLAN applications.
Features :
  • Package construction : Leadframe and Laminate based
  • Package size up to 12x12 mm
  • Terminal Pitches as fine as 0.4mm
  • Package Thickness from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm
  • Flip chip, wire bond and stacked die capabilities
  • Ability to mount passive components as small as 0201
Applications :
There is an almost endless list of potential SiP applications and some examples are :
  • BluetoothTM Wireless Devices
  • 802.11 WLAN Applications
  • Power Management Devices
  • GPS Modules
  • Internet Mini-Systems
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