C.E.R.I.A (Carsem Employee Recreational Integration Activities)

There’s nothing like a good game to bring us all together. It’s almost the HLMG Sports Tournament fever which is something to commemorate, we held C.E.R.I.A (Carsem Employee Recreational Integration Activities) Inter-Department Sports Carnival. The said occurrence will encompass 4 different sports in sequence Sepak Takraw, Futsal, Bowling & Football (5 A-Side) which is the one of the most happening involvement among the rest.

C.E.R.I.A event had been kicked off with Sepak Takraw and the event turned out fruitful. It was a good and tiring day yet fun. In addition, the main objective is to identify new talents especially with the skill of “Gulung Atas Angin” and create platform to showcase their talent by providing them with an opportunity to be involved into the HLMG Sports Tournament. Sport is a powerful connective in the organizations, it also improves our physical fitness and boost productivity as well add some fun into our work life environment. It is okay to take a break.