HR: “Get-Together”

HR “Get-Together” occurrence held to recognize the contribution of the employees and achievements of 2019. During the event everyone wore according the specified theme and MR. Hilman Rao as the Head of HR, expressed his appreciation and gratitude towards every member in the HR family for their dedication and hard work throughout the year 2019. Also, he gave some prizes to the outstanding employees as well.

We took this opportunity to exchange gifts in between us without knowing whom the gifts belong to which is kept total anonymous with some element of surprise. It is truly wonderful to be part of this great gathering and to see HR family members participate actively in this event.

As of we wrapped up and celebrated on the achievement of 2019, Mr. Hilman incorporated to share the journey of 2020 and whole new achievement to be looked into. The Journey begins and we are ready to face challenges on 2020.

In conclusion, we had plenty of fun gathering, events, sports activities and team building throughout the year 2019 which we believe will encourage and help to strengthen relationship bond between colleagues and such occurrence also inspirit people to come together spend quality time with their colleagues away from the busy schedule of the work place.