It is an exciting time to be a manufacturing company that leverages automation to enable its business and its people to be more competitive, responsive, and agile than its peers. Numbers don’t lie:

  1. 22% – Time spent by a worker on repetitive tasks (Source: Cognizant)
  2. 40% – Time spent by a knowledge worker looking for and organizing information (Source: IDC Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap)
  3. A human is likely to make 10 errors, out of every 100 steps (Source: Institute for Robotic Process Automation)

At Carsem, we envisage the future of manufacturing where humans and robots collaborate harmoniously. Automation is the driving force behind our ongoing transformation journey into a leading Industry4.0 player. In last 4 years, at Carsem, number of low skilled employees has reduced from around 13,000 to 7,000 though without any Voluntary Separation Scheme/ Mutual Separation Scheme. A generally high attrition rate in OSAT industry and automation are the key contributors to low skill manpower reduction. Nevertheless, people continue to be our most important assets, and hence, we practice responsible automation by ensuring upskilling of our existing employees to empower & steer them towards high value work, better career prospects, and improved quality of life.

Such an approach has endless benefits for any organization: more engaged workforce, better business efficiency, and higher customer response rates & satisfaction.