COVID-19 vaccination drive at Carsem Suzhou

It is easy to talk about the events of the world, both globally and locally, as if they are ‘outside’ or ‘external’. But we know that no one, not as individual employees or as leaders of teams, is unaffected by the ongoing pandemic.

As leaders of organizations the one consistent truth is that we must engage with empathy and intention. Our first job is to take care of our employees. Care is not a finite resource—we won’t run out and so we don’t need to choose. We have an opportunity to show up with care and concern for each employee, in each moment. Especially in these trying times, acts of #employeeengagement & care can help strengthen their sense of #safety.

Walking the talk, we are organizing #vaccination and relevant guidance for all our employees with an aim to actively fulfil our social responsibility. This is to build a safe organization by ensuring good health & wellness of our employees. So far, at #Carsem Suzhou, a total of 1,536 employees (64%) have been vaccinated.