5G technology is here albeit with many challenges. Sub6G/mmWave will be used at a commercial scale for the first time, and gain momentum in times to come. 5G means faster speed, low latency, high throughput, more bandwidth, and a wider range than previous networks. 5G deployment will accelerate the realization of innovative products such as AI, AR/VR, autonomous cars, IoT, and many more.

    5G devices require speed and quality in signal transmission. Massive data rates lead to thermal management issues. More complexities arise from signal loss minimization, wider bandwidth & carrier aggregation. All translate into unique packaging requirements

    • RF components integration into modules
    • Higher frequency wafer than Silicon
    • Assembly technologies: SiP, Flipchip (FC), Cavity packaging, DA accuracy<25um, Multi chip attach (MCM), Tight wire-looping control, GAN/SiC sawing, Thin die handling, EMI shielding
    • Substrate: routability, fine line/space capability, low loss & thermal conductivity, cost

    We’ve a suite of customizable solutions to meet customer needs – existing production capability for SiP, FC, MCM, handling of GaAs/SiGe, GAN, SiC (high power) & thin die. We’re developing <50um die thickness, sawing capability for SiC & embedded technologies. Packaging ranges from leadframe based to substrate & routable substrate for wire bond (Au & PdCu) & FC (Cu Pillar). Customers can pick apt materials for heat dissipation & low Df/Dk substrates & simulations, characterization and differentiated testing services.

    When it comes to 5G/5G-sub6G testing, there are several challenges due to high frequency & wider bandwidth requirements

    • Exponential rise in test cases: need for fast & flexible solutions
    • More aggressive RF requirements: need for new equipments due to inability of existing equipments to deliver requisite measurement performance
    • More customer requests: need for agile customer strategy to accommodate new test parameters


    At Carsem, our strategy is aligned & we continue to make significant investments towards

    • New test solutions for filter module & for PA/Wifi6/PA Module
    • New handlers, loadboard, socket/pin
    • Factory expansion
    • Technical training of personnel


    With our testing expertise & strong capabilities, we can deliver cost performance solutions for high frequency upto 14GHz and bandwidth upto 1GHz, based on specific customer requirements.

    We are 5G READY!