Packaging solutions to solve networking application challenges

    Carsem helps customers meet the increasing performance demands of today’s network systems

    The global demand for data increases day-by-day. Whether it’s streaming devices, smart speakers or security cameras, the number of connected devices and the data being communicated around us grows exponentially. This extensive data transmission puts a tremendous load on hyperscale data centers that carry the information.

    Amkor offers many different packaging technologies ready to address performance and thermal and integration challenges in networking and data center applications.

    Networking and Data Centers

    Data centers, edge computing, base stations, fiber optics gear, etc., provide the networking infrastructure for modern-day communication systems. Specific hardware components of a network include servers, switches, solid-state drives (SSDs) and storage area networks (SAN). Amkor offers semiconductor packages that can manage the very high-power density required for performance-oriented networking solutions.

    A data center’s server and storage hardware must be available 24×7 while optimizing energy efficiency. Enterprise-level SSDs must meet reduced size and improved heat dissipation/power consumption design requirements. Amkor offers large footprint packages to accommodate the feature sets needed for today’s solutions.