Latest Technology Offerings

    Silicon Carbide (SiC)

    SiC is an innovative technology that promises lower on-state resistance, lower switching losses coupled with 3x more thermal conductivity compared Si which allows for faster heat dissipation from components. But the innovation does not stop at device level itself. To harness the full benefit of SiC, packaging technology and thermal management is equally important.

    Improved energy conversion efficiency & power density with higher thermal conductivity and higher switching frequencies used in Electric Vehicles, 5G base stations, Servers & Internet of Things.

    We help our customers to reap the full benefits of SiC by constantly developing:

      • Custom packaging design by using thermal and stress simulation tool
      • New manufacturing solutions to produce parts with the best thermal dissipation i.e. vacuum reflow to minimize solder voids for parts requiring solder paste
      • New materials with high thermal conductivity. Example: Pressure and Pressure-less Ag Sintered paste, Cu Nano paste through our materials development team

    We firmly believe that as the world moves towards high power applications, there is no one solution that can fit all. Hence, CUSTOMIZATION is KEY in delivering the best results.

    5G Assembly – FLIP CHIP

    As part of our visionary Intelligent Factory program, Carsem Suzhou worked with our partners to design and develop the FC intelligent production lines with robotic, auto conveyor, barcode scanning and poke yoke quality enhancement systems.

    Carsem Suzhou is investing extensively to maximize its capabilities for various 5G applications – complex testers & tools for each band, probers & handlers (OTA, new design), floor space expansion for accommodating new infrastructure, and manpower training.

    We have already shipped >2bil units for 5G mobile phone RF function (switch/LNA/Tuner), >20mil units for 5G base stations (RF Module/High Power Switch), >50mil units for 5G base station Power Management IC, to some key customers in China & S. Korea. These capabilities and our RF expertise put us in a strong position to support our customers’ advanced assembly & testing requirements.

    MEMS Sensors

    Full automated lights off factory ensuring high level of productivity with optimum quality.

    MEMS sensors are enabling Automotive industry, Smart devices and IoT applications across vertical segments due to the miniaturization and ruggedness of these sensors and their ability to perform with high precision in adverse conditions.