MICRO - Overview

    Micro offers a wide range of package portfolios, with an array of leaded industry standard packages for the manufacturers of discrete devices, passives, and low lead count IC devices. It ranges from Small Outline Transistors (SOT23/SC70) to Small Outline Packages (SSOP/TSSOP/MSOP) to Power Management packages (T0220/DDPAK/SOT223/MLP Punched) to Customized packages (UB/UC/UE/LS/LR/OMP/SMP). Most Micro Packages are available in traditional and COL configurations. Some of these packages are also available in below configurations:

    • Flip Chip (Solder Bump & Copper Pillar)
    • Chip on Lead (COL)
    • Multiple Die
    • Stack Die

    High volume manufacturing for both automotive & commercial applications.
    Note: Specialize in custom package outline to meet customer requirements for automotive applications. Please contact or email to sales office for enquiries.

    technology and industry 4.0 revolution  concept from high precision robotic system control set up at top of injection machine


    Package Type Description Lead Count
    SOT23  Small Outline Transistor 3/5/6/8
    TSOT Thin Small Outline Transistor 5/6/8
    SC70 (SOT323)  Shrink SOT Package 3/4/5/6

    Package Outline Drawing & Datasheet

    Click lead count to view Package Outline
    SC70 3/4/5/6 L
    SOT23 3/5/6/8 L
    TSOT 5/6/8 L

    Bill Of Material & Reliability Performance

    • Carsem offer standard material for low cost and high MSL performance.
    • Support specific or non standard bill of material to meet customer requirement

    Reliability & MSL Results

    • Please Contact Sales Office for Package Specific Results