MLP - Automotive Solutions

    Carsem has extensive experience with numerous automotive customers worldwide and offers various packages, for example SOIC/QFP/SOT23/SC70/MLP (QFN) etc. We offer a recommended automotive process flow with various process options like temperature cycles, IR reflow, plasma clean, open/short test etc as per customer’s requirements.

    Carsem’s automotive product is default to grade 1 AEC Q100 and subjected to the following reliability tests. Parts are preconditioned as per JSTD-020 prior to environmental testing. The MSL (Moisture sensitivity level) is dependent on the bill of materials and package size.

    Reliability Tests

    Description Conditions Results
    Auto Clave 121°C/100%RH; 15PSIG, 96Hrs Pass
    UHAST (Option to Autoclave) 130°C/85%RH; 96Hrs Pass
    Temperature Cycle -65°C/150°C; Air; 1000 Cycles Pass
    Thermal Shock -55°C/125°C; Liquid; 500 Cycles Pass
    High Temperature Storage 150°C; 1000Hrs Pass