MLP - Multi Chip Modules

    A multi-chip module (MCM) is a specialized electronic package where multiple Integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductor dies or other discrete components are packaged onto a unifying leadframe or substrate, facilitating their use as a single assembled component. MCM technology eliminates the need for multiple packages which can significantly reduce inter-package propagation delay, power consumption of the system and overall footprint.



    With ever increasing demands for miniaturization and higher operating speeds, multi-chip module systems (MCMs) become increasingly attractive in a variety of applications. The “chip-stack” package, a development in MCM technology, is an attractive option in many applications such cell phones, smart phones and tablets.

    Benefits of Multi-Chip Modules

    • Lower cost
    • Lower power consumption
    • Smaller package sizes enable greater miniaturization
    • Smaller overall footprint that multi-individual packages
    • Faster time-to-market (ideal for product with short life cycles)
    • Flexibility through integration of differing semiconductor technology
    • Simplification of complexity by putting several devices into a single package
    • Greater reliability with decreased number of interconnects between components

    Applications for MCMs include

    • Automotive
    • LED arrays
    • Portable electronics
    • RF wireless modules
    • Power amplifiers & Server
    • Military and space avionics
    • High-density single module computers
    • High-power communication devices & Wearable computers

    MCM / SiP

    • Efficient strip processing (HD Format)
    • Multi die capability
      • Stacked die capability
      • Reduced clearance die to die spacing
    • Attach processes
      • Epoxy die attach – dispense and COL
      • Solder paste: SMT / die / cu clip attach
      • Chip shooters for SMT component attach
      • Epoxy die attach – solder replacement (development activity)
    • Interconnect processes
      • Flip-Fels – solder paste
      • Flipchip – solder bumps / Cu pillar bumps
      • Wirebond – Au and Cu wire capable – multiple wire sizes
    • Increased routability
      • xDap – under evaluation
      • eMLP – qualifications underway

    MLP RF - MCM Features

    • Multi-die capability
    • Thermal management solutions
    • Package heights as low as 0.8mm
    • Typical package sizes : 2×2 to 7×7
    • RF wire loop & ultra-low wire loop control

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