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Power Management

    Power Management is the system which manages transitions between standby, sleep and high power modes by effectively delivering optimal electrical power to the various components in a system resulting in longer standby power and generally, the efficient use of available energy.


    • Power management devices are important for portable products that rely on battery power – networking and computing, wireless, automotive and motor control applications
    • By reducing power to components that aren’t being used, a good power management system can extend the lifetime of a battery.

    Carsem offers various solutions for Power Management.


    Cu Clip Thermal & RDSon Solutions


    • Improved MOSFET performance with lower RDSon
    • Enhanced thermal performance
    • Cost effectiveness to replace 20~30 heavy Au wires


    • Cu Clip products are used where power & thermal efficiency is critical
    • Commercial & Industrial applications
    • Motherboards, LED TV, laptop, small electric vehicles
    • Electronics in Server, Automation, Photo Voltaic etc.

    Carsem Offers

    • Multiple Cu Clip MOSFETs capability
    • Exposed Cu Clip option
    • High thermal conductive adhesives
    • One-stop from design to HVM (high volume manufacturing)
    • Full turnkey solutions for assembly & test

    Flip Chip Solutions


    Carsem’s FCOLTM (Flip Chip On Leadframe) comes with a flipped bump-die with pad pitches as small as 200 microns onto a lead frame.

    • Reduced form factors
    • Improves electrical performance
    • Improved thermal conductivity


    • Allows maximum use of silicon space
    • FCOL™ is available in MLP, SOT23, SC70, QSOP and narrow body SOICs.
    • Ideal for RF & power management devices


    • 60% improvement in self-inductance and capacitance versus awire bonded version.
    • 15% lower thermal resistance.
    • Reduced resistance from typical 19 m-ohm to 0.6 m-ohm
    • MSL Level 1.
    • Withstands 260°C solder shock test.
    • Complete Assembly & Test Solution including RF testing, tape and reel plus drop ship.
    • Improve heat dissipation through expose die back structure
    • Direct flip FET process (without pre-formed solder bumps)

    Cu Clip