MICRO - SO Package (3)

    Micro also offers a broad variety of SOP (Small Outline Package) in the popular gull-wing lead format. Body size ranges from 5.3mm for SSOP to 4.4mm TSSOP, which is its thin shrink version. The MSOP offers the smallest footprint in this package family at 3mm miniature. Lead counts range from 8 to 38 with lead pitch as low as 0.5mm. They pass stress conditions of autoclave 96hours @ 121°c / 100% RH, 2atm and temp cycle of up to 1000cycles @ -65°C / I +150°C.

    There is also the Exposed Pad (EP) variant of SOPs which increases heat dissipation and decreases loop inductance for high frequency applications.

    Application: Commonly used for RAM or Flash memory ICs and automotive division.