Test Development

    Carsem Ipoh, Malaysia

    Our Test Development Center

    We have done approximately 240 projects over the last 10 years

    • 50% are development from scratch
    • 20% platform conversion / multisite conversion
    • 20% are RF Devices either platform conversion or from scratch
    • 10% Strip test conversion

    Types of product that we have developed

    • Power management device, Voltage regulators, LED Drivers, Buck/Boost Converters, Reset Switches
    • MOSFETs
    • Temperature sensors
    • Magnetic Sensors , 2 axis and 3 axis compass, magnometer
    • Analog Switches
    • Cold Cathode Fluorescent/LCD Driver chip set.
    • MEMS Programmable Oscillators
    • RF Switches

    Test Development Center equipped with dedicated development testers available 24/7

    • ASL1000, Amida 3001XP, ETS300, NI STS T1 GP/LIN2, Powetech QT4100

    Dedicated workstations with simulation software

    • Eagle Shell simulator, Credence Visual ATE simulation software, Fusion CX offline software, LabView

    A host of bench-top equipment for debug & bench setup

    • Agilent Vector Network Analyzer, Agilent Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Agilent Lunch Box, Agilent MSO, Oscilloscopes (Handheld), Power Supplies, Digital meters

    Dedicated Office for development engineers

    Full Turn-key Solutions

    Carsem offers full turn-key Final Test and Wafer Sort solutions:

    Eagle ETS 800
    NI STS T1
    EAGLE ETS364
    Powertech QT4100
    Advantest V93000
    SRM XD248
    Ex 300
    Rasco SO1000
    Chroma 3180C
    TEL P8XL
    Multitest MT9928
    JHT 6080 Exceed
    TSK UF 3000

    Tri-temp handlers for automotive testing

    MT 9928XM 1
    • Gravity
    • Tube Input
    • Octal Site
    • -55C to +155C
    • MLP
    • Qty: 7
    • Gravity
    • Tube Input
    • Quad Site
    • -55C to +155C
    • Qty: 5
    Rasco SO1000T
    • Gravity
    • Tube Input
    • Octal Site
    • -60C to +175C
    • Qty: 36
    Chroma 3180
    • PnP
    • Tray Input
    • Quad/Octal Site
    • -55C to +155C
    • MLP,BGA
    • TEC, chamber less
    • **in factory-production