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    Optional test platforms for different products

    Tester Switch LNA Splitter ANT Tuner Filter 4G/5G PA
    LTX PAx AC
    LTX CX Χ
    NI PXI Χ

    Lost Solution with Ping-Pong mode

    • Ping-Pong mode benefit: 30% of test cost saving.

    Rich development experience for RF product

    • 2 dedicated development engineers focus on RF product
    • More than 10 years development experience on RF test.
    • Short implement cycle time(<1wk for nomal product)
    • Test time reduction: Test item/limit optimization base on test data analyzing, Test method change/wait time reduction
    • Major customer: ALP / MXD / RDA

    Rich development experience for TVS product

    • Hardware design and PCB layout.
    • 2 dedicated experienced engineers focus on TVS product development.
    • Short implement cycle time(1day for normal product after HW ready)

    Cost down solution

    Tester efficiency

    • To develop test solution on QTT / AMI to support Ping-Pong model
    • Ping-Pong mode benefit: 30% of test cost saving.
    • Major customers: AMZ / LIF / WIS

    Test time reduction

    • Test item/limit optimization base on data analyzing.
    • Test method change/wait time reduction.
    • AMZ / LIF / WIS (60ms-> 45ms)

    Sub-6GHz 5G PA/FEM test

    • Higher frequency (3.3GHz~4.9GHz)
    • Higher bandwidth (>200MHz)
    • Sub-6GHz 5G RF test solution can be worked out by upgrading our existing tester and handler within 2 months.

    mmWave test

    • Key test challenges at mmWave

    Test Method of mmWave

    • Wireless test head needed
    • Isolation box needed(upgrading handler)
    • New Tester needed(NI-STS)

    Tester Roadmap

    Tester Type Tester Model Vendor Qty Capability
    Mixed Signal Eagle-364A Teradyne 5 1. APU12/DPU16/SPU100/HPU
    Eagle-364B 6
    Eagle-364c 1
    ASL1K LTX-Credence 36 1. OVI/DVI300/DVI-2K
    STS8200 AccoTest 2
    Amida 3001XP Amida 15 1. Analog / Digital support
    2. TVS Tester
    RF LTX CX LTX-Credence 3 1. Support RF Switch/LNA/PA/FEM
    2. Max power 37dBm (AMB7600)
    3. Harmonic testing supporting
    LTX PAx AC LTX-Credenc 1
    AMB7600 Aemulus 23
    Discrete QT6133SC PowerTech 13 1. Faster TVS Tester (w/ capacitor)
    QT4100B PowerTech 3 1. Power MOSFET (up to 100A)
    QT8100 PowerTech 1 1. Digital / MixSignal

    Remark: Soft docking, Short Test Time, Support Ping-pong, High Current (100A)

    Handler Roadmap

    Handle Type Handler Model Vendor Qty PKG size Capability
    Turret SRM xD248 SRM 58 MLP >=2×2 1. Room Temp
    2. Small package size
    3. 5 sides vision inspection
    SRM F208 17 MLP<2×2
    SRM Z208 71
    ISM NX16 Cohu 11 X3 (0.3X0.6)
    1. Room Temp
    2. Small package size
    ASM FT-Mini ASM 20
    Strip Test Tesec 4170 TESEC 11  MLP>=1×1 1. Package size 1×1 – 3×3
    2. Up to 64 site
    3. 12 inches capable
    DPE K8 MI Equipment 8
    Pick&Place Hontech 7045 Hontech 13 MLP>=3×3 1. Room and Hot Temp
    2. Up to 8 site
    JHT CRAB-6000H-R JHT 1
    JHT Exceed-8008 JHT 5

    Remark: High Speedup(up to 50k UPH), Ambient test, T&R Integrated, Mini Package Prefer (<3*3mm), Mini Package Thickness 0.3mm

    Remark: Hard docking, Ambient/Hot/Cold Test, Bake after test