MICRO - Technology Solutions (4)

    Technology Solutions within MICRO

    There are single and dual Cu Clip interconnect technology and Flip Chip solutions readily available in MICRO which have been in high volume production for many years.

    Copper Clip

    Cu Clip assembly can significantly improve the electrical and thermal performance of MOSFETs and other Power Devices with lower RdsON by about 30% in addition to providing an improved current distribution into the device. The Cu Clip, when attached to the top surface of the die, can typically replace 20-30 Au wires.


    Flip Clip

    Flip chip on leadframe, FCOL, offers greater utilization of package space, supporting the same package with up to 4x larger die, 60% improvement in self-inductance and capacitance, 15% lower thermal resistance, 30x reduction in resistance vs wire bond and withstands 260°C solder shock test.  They pass the most stringent MSL1.

    There are a wide range of applications for FCOL and some examples are:

    • Wireless devices
    • Power management devices
    • High speed network devices