Carsem Ipoh

Carsem Ipoh, Malaysia


We have done approximately 240 projects over the last 10 years

  • 50% are development from scratch
  • 20% platform conversion / multisite conversion
  • 20% are RF Devices either platform conversion or from scratch
  • 10% Strip test conversion

Types of product that we have developed

  • Power management device
    • Voltage regulators
    • LED Drivers
    • Buck/Boost Converters
    • Reset Switches
  • Temperature sensors
  • Magnetic Sensors , 2 axis and 3 axis compass, magnometer
  • Analog Switches
  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent/LCD Driver chip set.
  • MEMS Programmable Oscillators
  • RF Switches

Test Development Center

Test Development Center equipped with dedicated development testers available 24/7

  • ASL1000
  • Amida 3001XP
  • ETS300
  • Powetech QT4100

Dedicated workstations with simulation software

  • Eagle Shell simulator
  • Credence Visual ATE simulation software
  • Fusion CX offline software
  • LabView

A host of bench-top equipment for debug & bench setup

  • Agilent Vector Network Analyzer
  • Agilent Spectrum Analyzer
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Agilent Lunch Box
  • Agilent MSO
  • Oscilloscopes (Handheld)
  • Power Supplies
  • Digital meters

Dedicated Office for development engineers

Test Project Development Flow

Tester Programming Capabilities

Handler & Probers Capabilities


Tester Roadmap

Mixed-Signal Tester Roadmap
Discrete tester roadmap
Linear tester roadmap
RF tester roadmap

Handler Roadmap

Non integrated handler roadmap
Integrated handler roadmap
Wafer prober roadmap
Strip test handler roadmap
Tri-temp handlers for automotive testing